Roadster Shop Chassis Swap
Roadster Shop: the ultimate in chassis swaps. Muscle Rod Shop IS your local dealer and installer for Roadster Shop chassis! Call today for details, or come by our shop to see the chassis installed in current projects.

The Fast Track chassis is available for most of the popular muscle cars, as well as some classics and many rods.

The SPEC Series chassis is limited to a few select cars, though the selection is growing.

Let us design a complete transformation for your ride including a Roadster Shop chassis, and an engine and trans combo plus brakes and wheels!
Fast Track available for:
C1-C3 Corvette
67-72 Nova
69-92 Camaro
70-74 Cuda and Challenger
68-70 Charger
66-67 Fairlane
68-69 Torino
64-70 Mustang
79-83 Mustang
35-48 Ford
49-51 Mercury
49-57 Chevrolet
58-64 Impala
48-60 Ford F100
66-67 Bronco
67-72 Ford Truck
49-57 Chevy Truck
60-87 Chevy C10
55-57 T-Bird
60-64 Glaxie
63-65 Riviera
48-64 Cadillac
SPEC Series available for:

47-54 Chevy trucks
Chevy C10 trucks
64-70 Mustangs

call for others

Custom chassis available for
applications not listed