We are first and foremost muscle car lovers. Rebuilding, restoring and modifying muscle cars is not something we do just to make a buck, or just because its our job. We do it because we love the cars and have a sincere desire to help get as many of these awesome cars into shows and back on the road as possible. Our portfolio includes over 80 projects to date, and always have around 20 in the shop at any given time. Translated, this means that we know your car, know how to take it apart, and how to put it back together. We are car guys who care.
Pictured (L to R):
Jeff: Customer Relations and powertrain specialist
          Steve: Reassembly tech and Fiberglass specialist
                    Brandon: Chief Metal Fabricator and design specialist
Muscle Rod Shop was opened in 2001 as Paintshop101, in the business of creating very clean, professionally built, mostly factory restomods. Focusing primarily on Mopar muscle, we quickly gained recognition and respect as an honest and reliable shop with top quality results and creative executions.

Along the way, Brandon developed an excellent eye for design and an amazing talent for bending metal. With his contribution, Paintshop101 became Muscle Rod Shop and new, cutting-edge and industry-leading designs were introduced. Our exceptional widebody designs applied to Mopar B bodies, Mustangs and Corvettes have brought a new level of innovation to the industry. Brandon handles all the metal fabrication and brings the eye of the artist to each one of our widebody builds. Brandon has a long history in art and is constantly expanding his knowledge of metal design and fabrication to create our one-off creations from scratch. His love and talent for these concepts and his client-friendly personality ensures good relationships and guarantees a product the client will be proud of.

Jeff handles operations, customer relations and social media and is the primary face and voice of Muscle Rod Shop. When you call, you will more than likely be speaking with him first. Jeff will be happy to walk you through your build and help you visualize your dream car and understand costs and expectations. Jeff is also the powertrain specialist, with solid knowledge regarding available engine, transmission and suspension systems.

Steve is the old guy, the one who deals with the paperwork, and otherwise works in the shop managing and performing reassemblies and handling work on the Corvette side of the business.

Additionally, Muscle Rod Shop is proud to have a few other select individuals working here as well. These men are long-term employees, car guys, and very talented at their specialty. Jaime and Joey are our painters, the guys responsible for that final color, gloss and level of perfection. Both bring many years of custom painting experience to the booth. Tony is a talented metal fabricator. Ray is our body tech, responsible for all that tedious blocking and sanding that is required to make a surface perfect. Paul is the indispensable assembly technician.

Other hands go into the long and arduous process of turning a basket case car into a sure and steady show winner and we want to give them a shout-out here too. Thanks to all who contribute to make Muscle Rod Shop the premier muscle car performance and restoration shop that it is!