Rebuilding, restoring and modifying muscle cars is not something we do just to make a buck or just because its our job. We do it because we love the cars and have a sincere desire to help get as many of these awesome cars into shows and back on the road as possible. Our portfolio includes over 80 projects to date, and always have up to 20 in the shop at any given time. This means that we know your car, know how to take it apart, and how to put it back together. We are car guys who care. We sweat the petty things.

We make right every part, every hole, every line, so that when the car is done, its done right. That's not to say that we're all about strict restorations and numbers-matching correctness. In fact, if you have a rare version of car and you are seeking an OE Certified-type restoration, we recommend you seek out one of the fine shops in the country that specialize in that type of work. We've been there - its not fun - and our preference is to build cars more likely to see the streets. We make them as original or as modified as you wish to make it, but our rule is that if a part is to be like original, it needs to be right... if it is to be modified well then, how far do you want to go? This gives you a car that exactly fits your personality and you are more likely to take it out and drive!

At any given time here in the shop we'll be building few resto-mods and a few of the highly modified Muscle Rods. Make no mistake... its not the old days where the perception of value was limited to 'original' cars... the muscle-rodded version of these cars are where the vallue is... its what many buyers want! Classic bodies on a chassis that handles! Do not be afraid of changes! And don't think that just because your car was dishwasher green or refrigerator gold from the factory its worth more to keep it that way... thats just simply not true. Bottom line: build it your way!

All our builds start with complete disassembly. Small parts are stored in labeled bins for safety. Large parts are tagged with your car code. The bodies of the cars are media blasted by a vendor and returned to us completely clean and bare. Having the body professionally done saves us many, many hours of labor, and saves you money.

Next up is the metal work process. In our years of business, we have installed dozens of quarter panels, floorboards, trunk floors, etc, and there is not a part, bracket, or section of one of these cars we have not already experienced. Some cars end up needing 80% of the body replaced, piece-by-piece... we know how to fit them back together. Over the years, we've taken in several projects that were started by other shops... and severely damaged by the well-intentioned attempt to repair the metal by individuals that had neither the experience or ability to assemble and align the parts. We fix it, and we fix it right.

After metal, the car goes to our body technicians. The process of making the bodywork right consists of some hammer-and-dolly work, some use of fillers and surfacers, and lots of hand blocking. A repeated process of priming and blocking focuses the body into a perfectly straight surface. During this procedure, doors, deck and hood are installed to assure gaps and lines from one panel to the next. We are well-known for our high quality fit and finish.

Then the car is moved into the paint department. Paint is not just a point-and-shoot operation, it involves painting, blocking, painting again, multiple clear coats and polishing that allow us to produce an absolutely gorgeous finish. Our reputation is on the line with every job, and we make sure we live up to our reputation every time.

Upon reassembly, you'll have a turn-key car that is complete, has the fluids all topped off, the A/C charged, the front-end aligned and the stereo tuned to your favorite station... just get in and drive! We will have painted, polished and powder coated all your parts. We will have done all the interior paint needed, worked over your wiring harnesses, done your A/C and upholstery, repaired and polished your stainless trim, and even fixed your damaged plastics (like your grille!) and whatever other service you can imagine.

During reassembly, we can work in any modification you can imagine. Because we build full-custom cars for the shows, we have experience with all manner of upgrades. Engine swaps... Hemi's, (old and new), V10's, big blocks, LS motors... Turbos, Superchargers, Four, five and six speed transmissions, Four-bars, IRS, sways and brakes. Inside, how about power windows, locks, aftermarket A/C (a specialty of ours), sound systems, custom interiors,etc. And the body... graphics? Painted-on stripes? Custom colors? Eye-popping pearls? Custom metal work? If you can imagine it, we can build it for you. We'll happily handle any issues that may arise after the build, and we'll help you in any way we can before, during and after the build.

Now my friend, what can we do for you?
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