Job Openings
Muscle Rod Shop has the following positions open at this time:


This position consists of reassembling project vehicles that have been restored and modified by our paint and fabrication departments. These cars will fall into one of two categories...

They will either be relatively stock restored vehicles "Resto Mods" requiring a good working knowledge of original manufacturers build processes in order to achieve an authentic, original assembly, quite probably with certain modifications along the way, or

They will alternately be full custom builds using all new and many non-original components and assembly techniques. These would include aftermarket powertrain systems, suspension systems, brake systems, custom underhood components, interior components and body modifications.

A strong skillset in either of the above with a desire to learn the other is welcomed. Especially useful will be familiarity with many of the modern components being installed, with experience installing.

Contact Jeff at 830-755-7700 to start your interview process.


This position consists of performing mechanical work on vehicles in-shop for upgrades and repairs.

Common duties will be performing maintenance work such as oil changes and simple repairs, as well as installing A/C systems, steering columns, brake system upgrades, wiring, etc.

This technician will work with fabrication staff and assembly staff to fulfill responsibilities of making necessary and correct repairs to customer vehicles.

Pay is hourly, not flag time. Top quality repairs and upgrades, safely performed are the goal. Ingenuity and creativity are a needed trait, and attention to detail.

Contact Jeff at 830-755-7700 to start your interview process.


We are looking for certain talented individuals who are experienced in current bodywork processes to help take freshly fabricated, metal-worked car bodies and prepare them for the paint process to bolster and enhance our current team members.

Current techniques utilize certain types of primers, surfacers and paper grits and we're looking for your understanding of these techniques to help us ensure we alway use the highest quality, most cost-effective methods. If you're a body tech with excellent skills, call us.

Contact Jeff at 83-755-7700 to start your interview process.


Muscle Rod Shop will be expanding our staffing and services in the coming months. Of great interest to us will be team members with the following talents:

Polish and Detail - primarily to polish just-completed paint on our project cars.

Interior and Upholstery. Are you a fantastic upholstery tech and need a place to practice your art?

Exhaust System fabricator and installer. We just might have a home for you.

Powertrains, chassis and suspension. Especially the latest products and components from the current top manufacturers.
Muscle Rod Shop is committed to building the finest cars in the marketplace. We recognize there is a lot of competition in this business, and we intend to make sure we remain at the forefront of the industry. If you want to be a part of this, and if you bring a useful skill set to the table, please give us a call.