When it comes to build styles, there are a few to choose from:
Not quite original restoration
but dang close.
Custom wheels not to exceed 17".
Factory style colors.
Original style interior.
Period motor and induction with performance parts such as intake, headers & exhaust.
Original paint/decal schemes.
A real hot-rod!
No holds-barred modifications!
Big billet wheels and tires.
Modern engine systems.
Modern comforts including sounds, A/C, power windows.
Modern handling upgrades.
Superchargers, scoops, and bulges are encouraged.
Wild paint, especially pearls and graphics.
Wide-body mods with plenty of
other fabrications.
A muscle car street rod!
Original restoration.
Factory wheels.
Factory color.
Original interior.
Original or other period motor.
Original paint/decal schemes.
Not necessarily all numbers and dates matching, but all
parts look like original parts.
Just like the factory built them!
Muscle Rod
For the record, we do not like to do strict Restorations... numbers-matching date-coded and paint-dabbed builds are very time-consuming and require so much research and documentation. If your car is rare enough to require such a build, seek out one of the shops who specialize in that. For us, Restoration means to make it look like the factory built it, but keep the cost reasonable, and keep it such that the car can still be driven and enjoyed. We make sure the right screw goes in the right hole and all the parts are where they belong, but in truth the paint will be nicer than stock, the date codes may not be present, and there are no assembly line markings. This is a top-quality show car you can drive on the street.

Resto-Mods allow for more personalization. These cars can be easier and less expensive to build and they reflect the owner's preferences as well as the factory's offerings. Restoration rules still apply to the parts that are original... if a screw is present it must be the correct one for the hole... but aftermarket, custom, and owner-preferred parts are encouraged. Build the car the way you want it and to heck with what the numbers-matching crowd thinks!

At the other end of the spectrum from Restoration is Muscle Rod. This is a muscle car built with the techniques and parts once reserved for Street Rods. Here, anything goes. Still, if a factory part is used, it needs to be right, but anything else is up to the imagination of the owner. Modern suspensions, engine systems and power-adders are cool. Graphics and wild colors too. Body mods are a must. Too many people feel that modifications such as these ruin the car... please... there are plenty of stock cars out there. Like street rods, Muscle Rods take the original vehicle to a new realm and with it comes increased value and fun.

IN ALL cases, driveability and affordability are what we do. We want your car on the street, at shows and in magazines. We're here to help see that happen. Talk to us, we'll define the scope of the project and the estimated cost up front. You will not find a shop better suited to building your muscle Mopar or Mustang than Muscle Rod Shop!
Made to look like an original car of more desireable pedigree such as a Hemi car, AAR, T/A or R/T.
Factory style colors.
Original style interior.
Period motor and induction though performance parts such as intake, headers & exhaust are allowed.
Original paint/decal schemes.
Not an original restoration,
but not too far out there.
Custom wheels MUST exceed 17", 18's and 20's are preferred.
Modern colors.
Mostly original style interior.
Mostly period motor and induction with performance parts such as intake, headers & exhaust.
Any paint scheme but modern colors and pearls are preferred.
We're more clearly defining a build style we call Muscle Rod. As we've performed more of these builds, and as the interest and popularity of this style spreads, we've been encouraged to more clearly define what we mean. The basic required elements of our Muscle Rod build consist of a widened body to accomodate very large wheel and tire combinations, radically lowered stance, dropped rockers, raised wheel arches, a one-off all-steel custom hood, valances and other subtle touches. Most of these builds will not follow old-school custom car expectations such as shaved handles and markers... that time has passed... instead we're choosing to blaze new trails of awesomeness. Not all bodies can accomodate this build style, but what do you have? Let's see if it works for you.
Build Styles
We understand the art of stance. We understand the art of the presentation... the look you're after with your modified muscle car. We've been busy defining and perfecting the art, taking the muscle car to another level... while developing build methods and parts lists that provide the maximum in visual impact and performance. Most of our work is done with Mopars and Mustangs, as these are the cars we specialize in with our muscle car restoration business. However, we're also asked to work our magic on other makes and models. The StingRod Corvette for instance... if our style is what you seek, give us a call. With our years of restoration experience, we can take even your worst basket case project car and turn it into one of the baddest muscle cars on the planet.
That is... one of the baddest MUSCLE RODS on the planet!
"Stance... a most critical aspect in custom car design. Low, with just the right rake, sleek, set firm on its haunches, looking like a hungry predator ready to pounce. Onlookers sense danger; pulses quicken and beads of sweat begin to form... "
Muscle Rod: Its a build style. Its a Muscle Car built with Street Rod tech and Street Rod style.
Wild mods, big billets and monster cubes... Low, wide and mean - designed to impress and intimidate.
Radically widened bodies with radically lowered stance; body mods handcrafted in steel.
Huge tires on big billets. Big cubes with power enhancers. Custom suspension. Custom paint.
When you're ready to go beyond original - and beyond pro-touring. Way beyond.
Our Signature Style...
The Muscle Rod Build has become
our signature build. If this is where
you are wanting to take your next build, you've just got to give us a call!
This shows alot of the work thats already gone into just Charger design!
Muscle Rods! How cool is that?
Want more detail regarding Muscle Rod builds? Click the Build Book: