We understand the art of stance. We understand the art of presentation... the look you're after with your modified Mopar. We've been busy defining and perfecting the art, visually taking Mopars to another level... while developing build methods and parts lists that provide the maximum in performane and visual impact.
Mopars are the cars we've specialized in with our muscle car restoration business. We know Mopars.
When you realize our style is what you've been seeking, give us a call.
 And with our years of restoration experience, we can take even your worst basket case project car
 and turn it into one of the baddest muscle cars on the planet.
Qualifying Stock:
     68-70 Charger
     68-70 Road Runner, Satellite or GTX 68-70 Coronet or SuperBee
     69 Daytona or Charger as Daytona clone
     70 Superbird or Satellite as Superbird clone
Muscle Rod: "A widebody muscle car built from a Mopar B-Body from the years 1968-1970, with beautifully scuplted metalwork, custom hood, valances, channeled over an aftermarket suspension or full frame, with loads of horsepower, huge wheels and tires, slammed with perfect stance, perfect paint, gorgeous interior and screaming of exotic appearance and exciting performance."
"WingRod" Daytona or Superbird
"MuscleRod" '70 Road Runner or Satellite
"MuscleRod" '68 Charger