Build Costs
General pricing guidelines:
These figures may be used as a general idea of where the cost of a project may fall, based on our historical documentation. Please call us with specifics so we can tailor a build to suit your specific needs. Remember, we specialize in only Muscle Cars, thus know your car well, and can get right to the business of restoring it without hours of research and head-scratching.

These figures represent the labor, materials and sheetmetal we'd expect to expend on typical projects but do not include any parts required during reassembly. Typically, a car can eat up another 20-40k in parts... more if you specify the really good stuff.
We strive always to use the most efficient and cost-effective methods, but will only use quality materials on your build.
Simple/Partial: Usually applies to a rolling body with no requirement for complete reassembly. This is a popular choice for those with mechanical skills that don't mind doing alot of the work themselves and need to save some money. Full media blast is included, full metal and body work, full paint and polish, but only partial reassembly. Generally, this means we hang and align all body panels, reinstall a suspension, and often install glass and dash. The level of service is up to you, but you are assured that you are receiving the full level of attention to all body parts and any other parts you wish to have us work our magic on.
Generally 30-60k depending mostly on level of services needed in metal work (panel replacement and rust repair).

Standard/Complete: Our standard is the platinum selection compared to most body shops. We pride ourselves on extremely nice body and paint with only quality materials, no matter what level of service you choose. In this case, Standard refers to the most common level of service we perform, and most cars we build fall into this category... the normal build comes in complete, leaves complete, and requires quarters, trunk floor and other panels replaced along the way. All details are attended to, all you need to do is enjoy.
Generally 40-80k depending mostly on level of services needed in metal work and options desired during reassembly. This of course does not include parts other than sheetmetal.

Complex/Complete: This level applies to a standard/complete package that has additional requirements such as extensive
metal work, custom metal work or other extensive or custom requirements including sophisticated engine or suspension
upgrades, or other complicating factors. Generally 60-120k

Custom/MuscleRod: This build level is reserved for cars with extensive modifications, in other words a custom car or national
show-level build. These require too much in the way of time-consuming modifications to put a price tag on ahead of time. Standard hourly shop rates apply. A car of this level will require quality parts, and knowing what all is out there, we figure 110k-160k.

And for those whose requirements run to the unique, exotic and rare, there is always the potential for more.
These guidelines are not to be considered a contract! These are GUIDELINES. These are numbers intended primarily to discourage anyone from coming to us for a build who is not financially prepared for such a costly undertaking. We make every effort to keep costs down, but this work is intensely time-consuming and it is expensive.

Please note that Muscle Rod Shop rarely engages in any project less than a Custom/MuscleRod build these days, preferring, as our skill set build style awareness and industry prominence has grown, to steer away from strict restorations and simple pro-touring machines . A typical Muscle Rod, Mach Rod or Sting Rod, OR Wing Car, properly outfitted with higher-end parts, quality drivetrains and quality interiors can easily top 100k - and well beyond - depending on parts selections and upgrades as requested by the client.

Again, the prices quoted above are intended as a guideline only, and we can not guarantee that these prices will be met in every case. We sincerely strive to keep costs to a minimum but every build is different, and every car and owner has its own unique set of requirements. As always, should we accept your project, we're always happy to work with you on creating a pricing structure you can live with.