Qualifying Stock:
     68-70 Charger
     68-70 Road Runner, Satellite or GTX
     68-70 Coronet or SuperBee
     69 Daytona or Charger as Daytona clone
     70 Superbird or Satellite as Superbird clone

Muscle Rod Shop Muscle Rods are Mopar B-Body cars from the years 1968-1970 that we've modified according to our perfected methods to be wider and lower than stock, allowing for large wheel and tire combinations and designed for perfect stance and appearance while retaining respect for the original design.


Widened quarter panels, resculpted for that exotic appearance and mega-tire clearance. Different models are widened differently, depending on the original body design.
Raised wheel arches on the quarters and front fenders give a lighter, more performance-oriented appearance and shows off the wheel.
Channeled suspension front and rear allows for a low stance with no loss of suspension performance. Aftermarket suspension systems additionally enhance the performance and handling characteristics.
Enlarged wheel houses allow for 345's out back and optionally 315's up front. These are 13 and 11 inch wide wheels respectively.
Altered transmission tunnel to accomodate the channeled suspension and allow for any transmission option, especially the Tremec T56 6-speed manual.
Modified (smoothed) firewall and engine compartment.
Full-custom all-steel hood build to your preference. No two will ever be alike.
Dropped rockers to enhance the appearance of lowness.
Custom front and read valances build to your preference. Include drivin lights, exhaust, extractors, splitters, etc.
Tucked and fitted bumpers, grille and tail lights.
Optionally widen the entire tail panel for that ultra-exotic appearance.
Optionally include a rear spoiler,custom door handles, shaved drips and other unique touches.

Engine: Gen3 Hemi is standard, both 392 and supercharged Hellcat engines are available.
Transmission: Tremec T56 is standard, automatics are available.
Rear Axle: Built around the Ford 9" center section for maximum in strength and the widest gear ration choices.
Suspension: Standard RMS front and rear with coil-overs and 4-link. Optional full Roadster Shop chassis highly recommended.
Brakes: Baer 14" 6-piston standard available in a wide range of custom colors. Brembos optional. Manual setups or Hydroboosted.
A/C: Of course. Vintage Air.
Instruments: Depending on build style either Classic Instruments or Dakota Digital
Wiring: American Autowire
Other items: Pushbutton Start, Keyless entry, high level sound system, power windows, locks.
Interior: Muscle Rod Shop custom interior package. Optional full-professional interior by a nationally-known shop.
Paint: Immaculate finish shot in your choice of color, with optional graphics.
Wheels and Tires: Forgeline or Boze Forged, depending on build style and preference.
A Muscle Rod is a widebody muscle car built from a Mopar B-Body from the years 1968-1970, with beautifully scuplted metalwork, custom hood, valances, channeled over an aftermarket suspension or full frame, with loads of horsepower, huge wheels and tires, slammed with perfect stance, perfect paint, gorgeous interior and screaming of exotic appearance and exciting performance."
"WingRod" Daytona or Superbird
A Muscle Rod is not just another Resto Mod. Its the next-level pro-build muscle car.
Repeatable Builds Program - Product Description
Its your ride, and its built specifically for you. But its built using our proven methods and designs. We'll start with a rendering such as the one above which was created by our peferred artist Eric Brockmeyer of Brockmeyer Design and customize the features, colors and wheels to your preference. We'll play with various aspects of design and color until the look is right for you. Our build team will review with you all the options so you can create your perfect ride. Engines, interiors, wheels... then its time to get started.

The process, for us, is proven and repeatable so no new experimentation is performed at your expense. Nip and tuck here and there, stretch, shrink, flatten, bulge. Our fabricators are experienced at exactly this kind of build.

The assembly process is equally understood with suppliers on speed-dial to keep the build pace moving.

Call us at 830-755-7700 and speak to Jeff to get the ball rolling. You will discuss options and costs, and get to know our personality and philosophy. Once you're ready, your project will join several others already in process, and you will become part of the Muscle Rod Shop family.

Might ought to mention... we do E-bodies too! Boom!