Definition: "A mostly stock-bodied muscle car with performance-focused upgrades to its drivetrain and suspension, with larger wheel and tire combinations, sitting lower, and with other non-original touches."
Qualifying Stock: We're most and excited to MuscleMod these cars:
     68-70 Mopar B Bodies
     70-74 Mopar E Bodies (Cuda and Challenger)
     63-72 Corvettes
     67-70 Mustangs
     70-73 Camaro and Firebird

These cars are our specialties, we know them extremely well, and are highly competent working with them. We've done many others over the years as well, and may consider other makes / models / years based on your build plan and budget.

As you can see from the list, your Charger or 'Runner does not have to be built here as a widebody MuscleRod. Our long history with these cars and Barracudas and Challengers includes dozens of stock-bodied examples.

View our Projects Pages for pictures of our 80+ builds from over the years.