What does it mean to be 'NCRS Non-Compliant'? Of course there's no such certification! But what it means to you is that we're here to help you build the car you want, not necessarily the way it came from the factory. While we have respect for those that seek originality in every last detail, we also know that the trend in modern car construction is not to restore them that way. Having built dozens of cars for our customers over the years, it is obvious that most people want their car their way. And we've successfully debunked the myth that a car is worth more original over and over again. That said, we must elaborate a bit... look, we don't want to promote the customization of very rare models with unique options or features, but we're not above going there if it is the customer's wish. We also believe that any part of the car you do not choose to customize needs to be as the factory presented it... no cheap, cheesy or lazy mods are allowed! But modern power, transmission selections, suspension upgrades, colors and creature comforts are encouraged, as are the most important factor in presenting an impressive modern build, the wheels and tires. No, our builds do not adhere to NCRS rules and regulations... if that is what you seek, there are many fine shops dedicated to that pursuit. But if you want to drive a cool ride and have some carefree fun with your classic Corvette... we're here for you!

EVERYTHING from minor repairs to complete restorations and StingRod custom builds is offered here in our shop. From vacuum system repairs, electrical issues, rust and fiberglass problems, interiors, paint, suspension, brakes, fuel, convertible top frames and fabric, steering columns, wiring harnesses, power windows... you name it, we can fix it, replace it, upgrade it or build it from scratch.

Despite our current focus on Muscle Cars, our history with Corvettes goes back to the 70's when they were cheap and plentiful. Now, with C2's priced almost out of reach and C3's finally gaining in popularity, we are still here, ready to serve and to protect your treasured ride.

Our experience runs deep, and our understanding of current trends, materials and components as well. Talk to us about fulfilling your Corvette dreams today.