We have been an authorized installer of Vintage Air systems for many years. We do A/C installations in all the cars we build, plus do installations in most any other classic, muscle car or street rod. All our installations get the same professional attention to detail that goes into every car we build!

A/C installations will fall into one of two cagtegories: Those makes and models that Vintage Air has a Sure-Fit kit for, and those that need to be assembled from individual components.
Many popular classics and most muscle cars have kits. Street rods and less common classics may not, and sometimes a custom installation will require building from scratch anyway.

If your car has a Sure-Fit kit, it greatly simplifies the installation. All the necessary parts are supplied in the kit except for pulleys, which may or may not be needed. Non-A/C cars will often not have an available groove on the crank or water pump pulley to drive the A/C compressor, requiring new pulleys with more grooves (basically just buying pulleys as originally used on A/C cars). This is easy and not very costly for most of the more popular makes and models.

A common upgrade to perform while the A/C is being installed is a radiator swap. Many of your cars already run hot, and A/C will add to that condition. To remedy this, a larger radiator is often installed, and usually one with electric fans. A different switch is installed with the A/C that will cause the fans to run when the A/C is on, as well as run when engine temperature demands it. Radiator swap or not, a properly shrouded fan with maximum air flow is critical.

As part of your installation, and included in the cost, we will completely install the system, test and charge the system, including providing any belts and hoses as needed. This is most always an extra-cost service with other installers. Installing A/C often requires disassembly of much of your dash, often requiring temporary removal of your instruments, radio, pad, glove box and liner, and other parts. This makes it a good time to update or repair any of these items, since the dash is apart any way. We will be very careful reinstalling these items, and promise that everything will be as nice or better than it was before we touched it.

Along the way, your car will be protected and cared for, and upon completion will be returned clean, fresh and - most importantly - cool.
We've already made dozens of Texas' coolest rides even cooler using top quality Vintage Air systems and components! Here are just a few:
We are currently installing any Sure-Fit kits at a price that is unbeatable and with attention to detail and respect for your vehicle that is also unbeatable.

Non Sure-Fit installations can often be achieved for nearly the same price, but varying use of components can affect the final cost.

UPGRADES ARE AVAILABLE! There are also many upgrades that can be included such as polished and chrome parts, billet bulkhead connectors and air vents, and show-quality hoses and hose ends.

We also install Vintage Air's awesome Front Runner drive systems available for several popular Chevrolet and Ford engines.
We've done a hundred installations to date, so chances are we've done one like yours already and have already learned our lessons. Do your car a favor and cool it with us. You'll love our shop, you'll love our people, and you'll love our attention to detail and respect for your ride. You'll get more for your money and get a completely professional installation with no cut corners. Guaranteed!
NEW Custom controllers now available!