Metal Fab
Muscle Rod Shop's ability to produce truly exciting and unique muscle car works of art starts with the talents of our metal fab department. Like playing a piano, the art of metal fab is more than recognizing the instrument, it takes real talent.. its an inherent understanding of the ebb and flow of the material, how the individual notes fit together over the course of the entire concerto. A person can bang on some keys, even know how to read music, and still not truly play. In the metal fab world, much the same is true. Knowing how to wield a hammer or a welder does not a fabricator make. Forming a single piece, even flawlessly, does not even do it, until that piece is made to flow with all the other pieces into one sculpted artistic concerto in steel.

Thus are the bodies of our widebody builds. The quarters, the hoods, the tail panels, valances and rockers.... all formed to flow, all formed to fit. None of it screams individually for attention, that is not the artisan's way. No gaudy billet. No protruding annoyances. Just flow.

Brandon is our senior Metal Master. When Brandon and his team build you a body, it is just right. With your inputs, a design will be settled on. Renderings completed. And the rendered design will be faithfully recreated in beautiful steel.
When not fabricating world-class bodies, Brandon turns his attention to metal art of a different kind, as shown below. Some of his work is available here at the shop.