PS# 68CH
Too subtle to really see without a stock car next to it, the Charger has quarters widened 2.5" at the wheel, tapering all the way up thru the door. Its biggest mod is the channel job that sets it 2.5" lower over the front suspension and 3.5 inches lower in the rear. With a little bit of extension to the rockers, it now sits just a tiny bit off the ground, yet has full suspension travel and ride. An E body rear axle pushes the 20x12" widened Centerlines out to the bulged fender lips and opened-up outer wheel houses provide the travel space needed for the tire. To finish it off, Cuda wheel openings were fitted in a raised position to sleek out the body.
Of course, channeling a car means lots of stuff moves from factory locations. When setting the body lower over the front suspension, a side effect is that the engine and trans, and the entire front frame section, are higher in the body. New front floors were made, and new inner fenders alongside the engine. Mods to the radiator support and bumper brackets were performed. In the rear, spring boxes extend up into the trunk and under the rear seat. The tranny tunnel and console are raised to clear the driveshaft, but the seats remain in their stock location.
1968 Charger "SlamCharger"
This 68 Dodge Charger has been subjected to many modifications and has been a crucial part of our Muscle Rod refinement process. This car has widened quarters, modified wheel arches and a channeled suspension which resulted in a slammed stance and plenty of ground clearance on an otherwise factory suspension.
Wide Centerlines with fat Nittos under custom pearl paint make for a stunning look.
Suspension F/R
Key features:
Artwork by:
Chrysler 8 3/4
Factory / channeled
Centerline 20x12 / 18x8
Nitto NT555 / Drag Radials
Muscle Rod Shop custom mix
slammed and bulged
Midnite Octane
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Photos by Stephen Kim Photography: