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Muscle Rod Shop
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1968 Dodge Charger
Rich's widebody 1968 Dodge Charger
Richard's widebody 1967 Mustang
Ronnie's widebody 1971 Dodge Challenger
Muscle Rod Shop
Mutant Bee
1970 Dodge Superbee
Muscle Rod Shop
Dark Runner
1969 Plymouth RoadRunner
Check this out... Muscle Rod Shop staff in a "Car Wars: Tex vs Mex" Video!!!!
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Blue Charger
"Mopar", "Mustang", GM" and each company's individual model names are registered trademarks of their respective corporations and are used herein simply to describe the types of vehicles we specialize in restoring... Muscle Rod Shop is not affiliated with the fine folks at Chrysler, Ford or GM in any way.
ALL vehicles depicted on this site were restored and modified by Muscle Rod Shop
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ScottyD Video of this car at Holcomb's Interior Shop!
cover and feature - Popular Hot Rodding - July 2013
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We have shirts available! Several colors and designs.
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Muscle Rods, Mach Rods and Sting Rods are what we do. The widebody muscle cars presented on these pages are shown to help you choose how you want yours to be built. These are repeatable builds, each unique yet all built in Muscle Rod Shop's unique and wild style. Call us today and we'll arrange to get started on yours! 68-70 Mopar B bodies, 67-70 Mustangs and 68-82 (C3) Corvettes are perfectly suited to our build style and several are under construction right now. We take even a basket case and turn it into a show-winning masterpiece of a hot rod. Each one unique, but each one a widebody, slammed and ferocious Muscle Rod, Mach Rod or Sting Rod!