ALL vehicles depicted on this site were restored and modified by Muscle Rod Shop
We understand the art of stance. We understand the art of presentation... the look you're after with your modified muscle car. We've been busy defining and perfecting the art, visually taking the muscle car to another level... while developing build methods and parts lists that provide the maximum in visual impact and performance. Most of our work is done with Mopars, Mustangs, and Corvettes as these are the cars we've specialized in with our muscle car restoration business. If our style is what you seek, give us a call. With our years of restoration experience, we can take even your worst basket case project car and turn it into one of the baddest muscle cars on the planet.
"Stance... a most critical aspect in custom car design. Low, with just the right rake, sleek, set firm on its haunches, looking like a hungry predator ready to pounce. Onlookers sense danger; pulses quicken and beads of sweat begin to form... "
Its a build style. Its a Muscle Car built with Street Rod tech and artistic style.
Wild mods, and monster cubes... Low, wide and mean - designed to impress and intimidate.
Radically widened bodies with radically lowered stance; body mods handcrafted in steel.
Huge tires on big billets. Big cubes with power enhancers. Custom suspension. Custom paint.
When you're ready to go beyond original - and beyond pro-touring. Way beyond.
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